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Chris lives in Devon, Uk, is married to Sharon and has a son Joshua. He had previously written songs for musical theatre, children and worship but with CosmoMoose has gone back to his first love - electronic music.

The Story of CosmoMoose:

Chris is an ordinary devoted family man, living in an ordinary house, and working full time in an ordinary office. Each day Chris commutes to and from work by train hammering away on his laptop computer. However, Chris doesn’t use his laptop to create spreadsheets or play games. No, with studio headphones on, Chris is in his own world using powerful music software to create drum tracks, edit MIDI data, adjust sound effects, splice audio waves, change synth settings and 101 other things needed to create his next electronic music masterpiece. Alone on a crowded train, Chris Medway is creating the sound of CosmoMoose – thematic, melodic electronica music.

Sometimes, maybe early evening or weekends, outside Chris’ study you can hear beats and melodies endlessly starting and stopping as Chris carefully mixes and masters each track, getting the next masterpiece ready to share with the world.

Yet, this most unlikely of electronic music composer/producers could be the creating the next dance phenomenon, whether the robotic, retro/futuristic “Cosmic Invasion” to the folk/trance of “JiGiToN”. Whatever, there is always something creative and exciting in store from the studio of CosmoMoose. As the listener all you need to do is listen, dance, relax and enjoy!

Why this name?

I could have used my own name but this electronic music is soooo different from my previous work that it needed something new. So, I like mooses with their big noses and big antlers and "cosmo" is rather spacey like some of my music, so "CosmoMoose" was born. Also my initials are "CM"!

Chris had previously written songs for musical theatre, children and church worship and, even though CosmoMoose is a brand new venture, these past musical ventures influenced CosmoMoose music, often giving it dramatic, emotional or playful qualities, not always found in electronic music. In addition to using various synth sounds and effects, the music of CosmoMoose frequently incorporates real or recognisable instrument sounds to give the music a more organic or ‘human’ feel.

Chris remarks that, rather than being a composer, he often feels like a receiver of music that is already there waiting to be composed. A melody will come into his head (often at inconvenient times!) and if he wants to compose something specific he can instantly dream up a new melody and arrangement with little thought or planning. All the music you hear is then created on a laptop, not only in CM’s studio but sometimes on a train or in a field where Chris enters his own sonic world, the world of CosmoMoose, oblivious to what is going on around him.

The main inspiration for Chris’ music is the beauty and splendour of God’s own creation on Earth and way beyond. The main influences for Chris' CosmoMoose music are his musical heroes and electronic pioneers, Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre, plus more contemporary artists such as Sash! and Daft Punk. Therefore, if you enjoy music from these artists, you'll love the music of CosmoMoose.


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