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The brief: I had to provide two pieces of music:

1. A short Tudor theme to be played throughout the film and on the end credits

2. A haunting theme with a time travel feel for a scene where the camera pans across the outside walls of the old priory

Media Composer

I’m passionate about creating distinctive music for film/media projects. I’d like to build lasting relationships with creative directors of film, theatre etc. who appreciate the vital role music has in their project.

The way I work is that music automatically comes to my head when I see visuals, read books, or want to express an emotion which I recreate using a vast array of sounds in my PC-based studio.

If you would like to ask a question, hire me to compose music for your project, discuss ideas or for anything else, you can contact me here.

You can also connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.

Promotional video for a Tudor House

St Nicholas Priory - Where only the Ghost Children can see you

Computer Game Soundtrack

The brief: I had to provide two pieces of music:

1. A fast folky theme. This used a reworked acoustic version of my folk-trance track, ‘JiGiToN’ (from Memories of Moosetopia album). Renamed ‘Pigiton’.

2. A slower folky theme. Like ‘Pigiton’, This also used an accordion lead.

I also provided Christmas versions of both tracks - i.e. added sleigh bells! These were fun to do, especially adding the farm sound effects.

I worked on these on my own and with the the game designer, Glen Chudley of Byzantine Studios, to get the sound and feel he wanted.

You can download the game from here

Below is the full promotional film for St Nicholas Priory, Exeter, Devon featuring my Tudor Theme (full version is on the end credits) and Haunting Theme (45 seconds in).

My son, Josh is the boy in the blue top acting in the video and I am (briefly) acting around 7 minutes in, wearing Tudor costume.

pigiton.mp3 pigiton_christmas.mp3 farm_yarn.mp3 farm_yarn_christmas.mp3 Pigiton… and Christmas version Farm Yarn… and Christmas version CLICK PICS TO PLAY THE MUSIC More to come soon……

Theatre music for ‘A Scrooge Carol’

This short theme was written for a stage play and takes you back to a Victorian ghostly Christmas.

‘City of the Jihad’

This dark impressionistic piece was used by Open Doors charity for their ‘Art of Persecution’ exhibition

Currently working on a computer game soundtrack - more to come soon :-)

Tudor Theme:

Ghost Children Theme:

Ripples in the Sky Video by me using footage by Sharon, Josh and myself From the album “Cosmic Invasion” Tears of the Moon Video by me using photos taken by Sharon, Josh an myself From the album “Cosmic Invasion”

Other visual themes….

“He’s an amazingly quick composer.”

 “He’s really come up with songs that fit the bill”

“He’s really brought in some interesting musical layers.”

DEAD EXIT - Graphic Novel and forthcoming TV Pilot  

American novel-writer/producer Doug Shiloh asked me to compose a soundtrack for his graphic novel “Dead Exit” which also featured the faces and voices of actors from USA and UK.  First up, Doug wanted a bold theme tune and then a love theme for which he provided the title “Love is Eternal”.

“I’m happy CosmoMoose joined the team,” Producer Doug Shiloh said. “He’s really come up with songs that fit the bill for this layered story. He’s an amazingly quick composer. I gave him ideas of what they should have, as far as elements – and off he goes. He’s really brought in some interesting musical layers. Going on to a full soundtrack will be something readers will want to listen to – with or without the book in hand.”

However, the project has since developed as one of the voice ctors, AMC TV star Rich Graff (“The Making of the Mob”), has teamed up with Doug Shiloh to convert the story to a TV pilot and series. Rich, apparently, really loves my theme music and is keen to use it.

The high-energy “I Have A Plan” (Main Theme)

The haunting love theme: “Love Is Eternal.”

“Docking Bay 94”  Radio Show Theme

Krypton Radio (who often play my CosmoMoose music) asked that I create a song for their radio show about geek culture called "Docking Bay 94" (this is a Star Wars reference).  The song previously used was ELO's "Mr Blue Sky" so I wanted to do something in the same upbeat style.

I wrote lyrics with many sci-fi, geek and Star Wars references and particularly like the bridge lyrics "She said as we entered The Falcon 'Get this walking rug out of my way". Anyone who's watched Star Wars will know what this means and may find it amusing!

The Radio Show hosts are elated with the song and frequently thank me for it.