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Track 1 is the radio edit and a tasty apéritif to the Extended Voyage which is the full blown definitive version of the song.

If you like this, check out my "Cosmic Invasion" album which includes yet another version of "Shooting Stars" (uh, the "album" version) and 11 other bold and beautiful tracks which are all part of my sci-fi SOUNDTRACK FOR THE MIND :-)

Please share the single edit, using the player below, and download for free.

Shooting Stars

Released 14 July 2014


Summer Memories/     Hola Havana

Released 20 August 2016

These are radio edit versions of summer-sounding tracks from the eclectic album "Memories of Moosetopia". The vibe just makes you feel good.

If you like this then please check out the album with slightly longer versions of these tracks and much more.

TI have wanted to do my own version of the Doctor Who theme since the early 1980s. This recording therefore uses retro sounds and is similar instrumentation to my album "Cosmic Invasion" which in turn is inspired by Doctor Who and sci-fi in general.

The second track features some rather unhappy Daleks!.

Both versions have been licensed for download distribution via Loudr.fm

Doctor Who Theme

Released 8 June 2017